Online Sexism

by Lucas Witherspoon


Misogyny is an unfortunate, yet ubiquitous standard in modern-day society. It’s optimistic to delude oneself into thinking that sexism doesn’t exist, but just like racism, homophobia, etc., it does exist and to deny that fact is not a notion that’s founded in reality. What the invention of the Internet has managed to do, though, is take the already ridiculous expectations we place upon women and magnify their supposed “faults.”

Misogyny itself stems from an ingratiated, feudal social construct combined with men who are so insecure about their virility (among other things) that they feel they have no other option than to be raging assholes.

Which brings us to online misogynists…

The reason anonymous, online misogynists are monstrously disparaging towards women is because they use their anonymity and keyboards as cyber shields, otherwise, if they were to repeat the awful things they say about women (ranging from “you’re fat” to “you should be raped and die”) face-to-face, they’d cower, which would likely be followed by a slap in the face and a knee to the balls.

As a rule of thumb from now on, any idiotic thing you’d say to a woman you don’t know, just think about how your mother would react to hearing the exact same thing. You’d be offended, but you’d simultaneously be duplicitous. The cure for sexism isn’t necessarily shaming people for their misguided beliefs as they pertain to gender, but rather educating them when given the chance.