The Gay Heirarchy


Essentially, a dissection of generalized LGBT culture:

At the top of the gay hierarchy are gay men. Somehow we’ve become the poster children for the entire LGBT community, a distinction that’s as ignorant as it is unwarranted. In a patriarchal society wrought with misogyny, though, it’s easiest to demonize the biggest threat to heteronormativity and apply it to a broad group of trivialized people.

Even within the LGBT community, lesbians are an enigma. It’s a disappointing reality. The irony, however, lies in mainstream culture where films, for example, featuring two males doing something as simple as kissing sends the AFA into a frenzy and requires a strict R rating, whereas two women kissing is commonplace, as long as they’re pretty enough lesbians. There are obviously exceptions, but it’s a fucked up notion that reeks of misogyny.

I’ve always subscribed to the notion that everyone is a little bisexual. We all know a lot of hetero males’ egos rely on them trying to be as butch as possible, but, as the saying goes, “the lady doth protest to much, methinks.” Bigots are always saying that being gay is the result of one’s upbringing, whereas I think a lack of sexual fluidity is environmental rather than genetic.

Transgendered people face enough criticism and harassment in daily life, but it’s compounded by people within the faction they should feel safe with. I don’t want to go into a biological litany about XY sex-determination, but essentially, all fetuses begin as females; some of them happen to grow penises and/or lack vaginas. The people who feign trauma at the very notion someone may not be the gender they were assigned at birth can take a seat, because trans people have it so much worse.

In a perfect world, equality would know no bounds, but we don’t live in a perfect world; therefore, we, as a part of humanity and, in a smaller coterie, the LGBT community, have to defy the social barriers that bind us.