Is being single such a bad thing?


In life we’re taught that, supremely, our mission is to seek out a relationship, that a relationship will bring us love, and that love is what life is about. Since this idea is so heavily ingratiated within our minds, it’s what we strive for, and those of us who don’t find it are written off as lesser-than because of it. We’re taught that our self-identity relies on our ability to rely upon another person.

But, really, when you think about it, what are the cons of being single, as opposed to being in a relationship? Let’s weigh the differences:

Pros to being single:

  • Everything.

Pros to being in a relationship:

Negatives to being single:

  • None.

Negatives to being in a relationship:

  • Having to consider another person in your decision-making
  • Losing friends because of the time consumption being in a relationship entails
  • Having to respect the opinions of your partner, even if you ardently disagree with them
  • Hearing you complain about the difficulties (read: realities) that come along with a relationship
  • The idea that, because you’re in a relationship with a person, you somehow have a form of ownership over them
  • Obligatory sex
  • Becoming preachy to your single friends, who aren’t even looking to date
  • God forbid you have children, because then you’ll have to deal with that horrific reality for at least 18 years.
  • Have you ever noticed that people seem to be at their drunkest at weddings? I don’t think that’s just a coincidence.

Love is not a necessity, yet the quest for love dictates a great deal of our lives, much more than it should. Emotional self-sufficiency does exist and being single will always be better than settling.