A Message to Liberals Voting for Trump

by Lucas Witherspoon

To start, are you fucking kidding me?

Let’s cut to the chase straightaway: we get it, you hate Hillary. While you’re entitled to your opinion, it’s an opinion that Hillary has accepted because of her decades in the public eye, whereas Donald Trump has literally sued others for the non-crime of disliking him.

You call yourself a liberal, but are willing to abandon the basest liberal values to ensure a certified egoist, racist, xenophobic, anti-gay sociopath becomes President, just because you disagree with the Democratic candidate on a few issues? You’re basically a spoiled child throwing a tantrum  because they didn’t get sweets before dinner at this point, since your candidate of choice didn’t become the Democratic nominee, the difference being tantrums among children are usually the most severe between the ages of two and eight, and you’re a fucking adult.

Do I think the Democratic voting system is flawed? Absolutely. In that same respect, did Bernie agree to the rules prior to launching his campaign to become President? Yes. But, your embitterment is transforming you into the Leftist version of Trump supporters; you can’t criticize his angry, idiotic advocates when you’re doing the exact same thing. It’s acceptable to dislike the presumptive Democratic nominee, but when the only other option is Donald Trump, it’s time to call upon the maturity as a voter that Trump as a candidate very obviously lacks.