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Month: June, 2016

A Message to Liberals Voting for Trump

To start, are you fucking kidding me?

Let’s cut to the chase straightaway: we get it, you hate Hillary. While you’re entitled to your opinion, it’s an opinion that Hillary has accepted because of her decades in the public eye, whereas Donald Trump has literally sued others for the non-crime of disliking him.

You call yourself a liberal, but are willing to abandon the basest liberal values to ensure a certified egoist, racist, xenophobic, anti-gay sociopath becomes President, just because you disagree with the Democratic candidate on a few issues? You’re basically a spoiled child throwing a tantrum  because they didn’t get sweets before dinner at this point, since your candidate of choice didn’t become the Democratic nominee, the difference being tantrums among children are usually the most severe between the ages of two and eight, and you’re a fucking adult.

Do I think the Democratic voting system is flawed? Absolutely. In that same respect, did Bernie agree to the rules prior to launching his campaign to become President? Yes. But, your embitterment is transforming you into the Leftist version of Trump supporters; you can’t criticize his angry, idiotic advocates when you’re doing the exact same thing. It’s acceptable to dislike the presumptive Democratic nominee, but when the only other option is Donald Trump, it’s time to call upon the maturity as a voter that Trump as a candidate very obviously lacks.



It’s Time to Stop Saying the Orlando Shootings Weren’t the Result of Homophobia


By now, if you haven’t accepted the fact that the Orlando shootings were homophobic in nature, you’re living in a state of delusion I somewhat envy. Conversely, to those of us living in reality, it was a blatantly homophobic attack tinged with religious extremism. While it’s encouraging that such a broad range of people have shown overwhelming sympathy and support, it’s farcical to ignore the fact that any attack of this sort has very real implications for the LGBT community. It was only last year that we were commemorating marriage equality, an enormous milestone in both American and LGBT history alike, and now, here we are a year later being served a grave reminder that, to some, our innate sexual orientation still carries a stigma among a far-too-large portion of the population.

The LGBT community has never been one that bows easily to intimidation, but we’re right back where we were nearly two decades when ago when Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. were brutalized and left for dead, and we were subsequently left fearing for our safety. The silver lining is that their deaths brought about the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (a decade after the fact, but I digress), which made it a federal crime to commit a crime motivated by a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The actuality is that we’re now in a position where we once again have to be cautious about our welfare, even more so than usual.

What the general population doesn’t understand on the whole is that you don’t have to be a murderous, gun-wielding lunatic to inflict injury upon the LGBT community. It’s fortunate that a majority of the country is in favor of seemingly simple ideas like marriage equality, but there are significant factions of people who disagree under the guise of religion and things of the sort. Using something like religion to justify discrimination against LGBT people (or any other group for that matter) inadvertently promotes hostility towards said group of people, so by being an asshole, you’re enabling other assholes to act in the same manner.

Nightmarish scenarios like the one that presented itself in Orlando (and Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech, etc.) tend to bring us closer together as a populace, but like so many highs, the novelty of it quickly wears off. Let’s break that habit and not let this sense of camaraderie wear off like it so frequently has in the past. Like Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr.’s deaths, let’s not allow the travesty in Orlando to be without recompense. The Orlando shooting was the 173rd mass shooting in 164 days in the U.S. so far this year. That’s a sobering statistic. It’s time to stop debating the reasoning behind Omar Mateen’s actions and do something to ensure we don’t have to endure yet another tragedy.

Brexit vs. Trump


With the clusterfuck that is the current American presidential election, it’s easy to forget that there is a world outside of America that exists. Americans generally aren’t particularly attuned to international politics, but there is a current political debate that should be at the forefront of Americans’ minds, and that is the referendum that’s been introduced in the United Kingdom to allow it to withdraw from the European Union. The Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit for short) referendum is essentially the result of a pander-based promise made by David Cameron, a.k.a. the British George W. Bush, that if he were to be elected, he would put to a vote whether or not the U.K. should remain a part of the EU. It’s a very important referendum that’s relevant to not only the U.S., given the U.K. is a close ally, but every other country that’s a part of the European Union and/or a U.K. ally.

While European politics may seem arcane to most Americans, what’s proven interesting is the parallels between the debate over the Brexit referendum and the current presidential debate. For example, both Trump supporters and pro-Brexits are primarily comprised of older conservatives who are undereducated. In the same way university graduates are more likely to support Democrats in the U.S., their British counterparts are subsequently more predisposed to favor abdication from the E.U. Additionally, both Trump and the potential Brexit mandate promote isolationism. In the same way that Trump attacks allies that the U.S. shares a border with, the U.K. runs a grave risk of alienation among their neighborly allies by feeding into what amounts to political propitiation.

From an economic standpoint, both Trump and the U.K.’s secession from the E.U. would be cataclysmic, both domestically and internationally. For all his talk about how many supposed billions of dollars he has, Trump doesn’t seem to understand even the basest economic concepts, like free trade, which also holds true of those who are pro-Brexits. As it stands, almost three-quarters of the U.K.’s are the result of them being a member of the European Union. Perhaps if Trump’s perception of wealth wasn’t skewed to the point of blindness, he’d realize that free trade is an essential part of prosperous economics.  In short, national autonomy is a slippery slope that echoes the remnants of Soviet Russia or modern-day North Korea.

In either case, the underlying issue isn’t about logic, it’s about prejudices overruling acumen.

Realistically, there’s no chance of Trump becoming President, just as there’s very little chance the Brexit referendum will garner enough support to pass, but the fact remains that political difference in opinion is marginal, which highlights the fact that perhaps we as supposedly civilized societies aren’t as misanthropic as we think and more jingoistic than we’d hoped.