Rebuttal: “No, You’re Not a Bigot If You Only Want to Have Sex With People to Which You Are Attracted”

by Lucas Witherspoon


For all the talk of liberals being “snowflakes,” it seems conservatives will make an issue out of almost anything that even barely offends them. Today it’s Ben Shapiro claiming his heterosexuality doesn’t make him a bigot. His source? A casual article by Samantha Allen examining social bias against transgendered people.

With an article like his, it’s difficult to know where to begin, but I’ll try.

The left reasons that if a man can be a woman, then a man who only wants to have sex with biological women must be a bigot — his desires have been wrongly defined by a society that restricted the definition of womanhood to, you know, women. If only men had been exposed to the deeper truth of gender earlier. If only they’d known that some women have male genitalia. Then, perhaps they’d be willing to have sex with biological men who are actually women. […] If all of this sounds insane, that’s because it is. Straight men are attracted to women, not men who identify as women.

Herein lies his initial misunderstanding: he’s aligns gender identity and sexual orientation as being parallel.

If we just train people that men and women are the same and that even their genitals don’t provide a meaningful difference, men will begin having sex with transgender women, and women will begin having sex with transgender men.

Because that’s definitely how transgenderism works. At this point, his already-fragile heterosexuality is starting to show signs of duress.

Reality isn’t bigotry. People are attracted to those they are attracted to.

Reality also isn’t that every person is a White, cisgendered male (a.k.a. Ben Shapiro), and that some people are transgendered.

What Ben Shapiro managed to do is what far too many heterosexuals do, particularly conservatives: they assume anyone, transgendered or not, with a vagina wants to fuck them. He managed to take it a step further by patronizing a woman who has a Ph.D. while simultaneously misconturing her words to espouse a political narrative. To any sensible person, it should be clear she wasn’t arguing that you’re bigoted for not wanting to have sex with a transgendered person; rather, she was highlighting the fact that, even though someone may be a gender you’re attracted to as a heterosexual, there’s still an anqituated taboo that accompanies being transgendered.