Enough of the “Enoughs” with Hillary

by Lucas Witherspoon


All of her career, Hillary’s been accused of not being “enough” to varying degrees without people recognizing what it means to be “enough”:

She’s not trustworthy “enough.”
Most people I know can barely cope with a single derogatory tweet. Try to imagine being criticized by millions of people over the course of 40 years. You’d be guarded, too.

She doesn’t smile “enough.”
The fact that she doesn’t smile as often as people would like is an incredibly sexist sentiment, and even when she does show that she has a sense of humor by smiling, her laugh is criticized and labeled inauthentic, so it’s a lose-lose. What’s more, if she seemed joyous while talking about gender inequality, terrorism, pervasive racism, or any other legitimate political issue, that would concern me.

She’s not attractive “enough.”
Sarah Palin is proof that attractiveness ≠ intelligence. Personally, as someone who is an American that has to deal with the ramifications of the people who are elected, I could not care less if a female politician is a little too butch for your taste.

She doesn’t care “enough” about minorities.
There’s a reason minorities overwhelmingly support her: as far back as her husband’s presidential tenure, she was fastidiously working to ensure minorities were begotten the same luxuries as white people. Not to mention, she was crucial in raising minority salaries by more than 25 percent, which is too little an improvement, but progress nonetheless.

Realistically, no politician is ever going to be “enough” to satisfy every single person, but if it’s because she’s a Democrat or a woman or outspoken, say that. Don’t lodge easily disproven cavils against here.