Homeosexual behavior is up to three times more dangerous than smoking.

by Lucas Witherspoon

That is, if you are to believe what Janet Porter of Faith2Action (F2A) has to say.

Janet Porter and F2A recently posted the above video on YouTube–the original of which has since been removed due to YouTube’s policy of prohibiting “hate speech”–that firstly compares homosexuality to smoking before Gary Glenn of the American Family Association gives a misinformed litany about the mortality rates of gays and lesbians due primarily to HIV/AIDS.

Honestly, there are so many things that are not only asinine, but factually incorrect about this video that I don’t know where to begin. Let’s take it from the top.

• Janet is clearly a sinner herself based purely on mien.

“Be not among drunkards or among gluttonous eaters of meat, for the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags.”
– Proverbs 23:20-21

By that notion, I, the drunkard, and she, the food glutton, are equally as sinful in the eyes of God.

• The “book” she introduces, Heather Has 2 Cigarettes, is clearly a reference to Heather Has Two Mommies, a book written by Lesléa Newman and published in1989 that deals with teaching children about the realism that same-sex couples do exist and have families of their own. A shocking revelation, I know. She even goes so far as to rewrite the acronym GLSEN (Gay and Lesbian Straight Education Network) to mean Glad Little Smokers Enlist Now. Not only does that demean the progressive and impassioned work of the Gay and Lesbian Straight Education Network, as well as figuratively insinuate that people can actually be “recruited” into homosexuality, but it also goes to further liken smoking and homosexuality.

The preposterousness in trying to correlate the two should go without saying: cigarettes are sticks of poison entombed within—in most cases—a casing of cellulose acetate, while being gay is, by all credible scientific accounts, an inherent trait. They could not be more disparate.

• She then proceeds to hand out packs of cigarettes to the children, the allegory of which I’m uncertain of. In its most perverse state, it suggests gays are passing out their dicks to small children. In its most platonic sense, it’s nonsensical.

• “Now what do you wanna be when you grow up?” “Smokers!” Again with the inane parables. Are we now hinting that just knowing a homosexual will make you want to grow up to be one? Because, you know, growing up to be a homosexual is so easy, only made better by people like Janet Porter and F2A’s bigotry. Who wouldn’t want to be constantly tormented as a youth for being themselves, being viewed as different, and/or refusing to accept a societal gender role? Sounds like heaven!

• “Actually, I’m a non-smoker.” In this instance, the poor, indoctrinated child delivering the line is supposed to be the non-smoker, alluding to being the straight outcast in a group of gays. Besides the fact this entire point lacks any sort of analytical thought, the irony is that by teaching children to be discriminatory against others, you’re espousing the same belief you’re trying to defeat.

• “My mom told me smoking is bad for you.” “That’s hate speech!” The effects of smoking are well-documented over many decades; that smoking is bad for you is a well-known fact. However, being attracted to the same sex is not, never has been, and never will be a detriment.

• On that note, Gary Glenn goes on to say that, based on outdated research by the Journal of Epidemiology from the late 80s, homosexuals should be treated like smokers, in that smokers are given designated spaces where they can and cannot smoke. Last time I checked, ‘gay’ does not affect anyone other than the individual who identifies as LGBTQ. Read that again, Gary Glenn: being gay does not affect anyone else. The reason smokers have designated areas is because secondhand smoke is more harmful to outsiders inhaling the smoke than the people smoking. You also demean the government for saying that tax dollars shouldn’t be spent in an effort to get people to stop smoking, suggesting you believe people should have free will to do what they’d like, even if it negatively affects the population and individual as whole, yet homosexuality has never negatively impacted anyone who isn’t a homosexual. Hypocrisy much? Speaking of which, the Journal of Epidemiology has since revised their initial and antiquated research to reflect the fact that not only do same-sex couples who are married have lower mortality rates, but that married straight couples actually have higher mortality rates.

• “Homosexual activists are inconsistent on [whether or not being gay is a birthright]. Sometimes they claim that people involved in that lifestyle were ‘born that way’, even though there’s not a shred of scientific evidence to document that claim.” At this point in this video, I nearly fell to the floor, wondering what world Gary Glenn and people like him are living in. Those of us in the coherent world that involves science and logic know that scientific evidence overwhelmingly points to that fact that homosexuality is actually not a choice. Then again, who needs the American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, etc., or even–Heaven forbid–science when you have Jesus?

• “On the other hand, they’ll say so-called ‘sexual orientation’ is fluid, that it can change on a spectrum throughout somebody’s life.” A person’s sexual orientation isn’t “so-called.” That would mean you’re a “so-called” heterosexual.

• The article entitled “Middle school girls forced to ask for lesbian kiss in anti-bullying presentation” featured in the video has been debunked (www.huffingtonpost.com/alvin-mcewen/fox-news-forced-lesbian-kiss-middle-school-workshop_b_3187926.html). It didn’t stop the school or school district from getting hundreds upon thousands of volumes of hate mail and emails, based on one “journalist’s” biased misinformation. Now who are the hate-filled ones?

• “True Christian compassion is trying to help people out of self-destructive lifestyles.” I’d venture to say the “Christian” lifestyle you all are describing is a hell of a lot more noxious than any self-destructiveness on the gay side of things could ever entail.

These are the same people who have absolutely no compassion when gays and lesbians harm themselves, who concurrently blame it on a lack of religion instillation. The fact of the matter is, this sort of rhetoric is what drives those people you like to victimize to such drastic measures. Take some responsibility.

To any straight person who thinks that we’re somehow trying to indoctrinate them with our “lifestyles,” imagine having to put up with this sort of jejune, misinformed bullshit every single day of our lives. Is it so hard to understand why a fellow human being would request to be treated equally? And even as I use the word “request,” it makes me cringe. No human should have to ask permission to be seen as your equal.